Phone Bluetooth TPMS

Tire Pressure Monitoring System for iPhone and Android Smartphone,internal or external sensor

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• Bluetooth receiver DIY installation
• Match with professional internal sensors
• Specific Bluetooth 4.0 channel
• Real-time display tire data on iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad
• Sensors are successfully paired at the factory
• Military battery: long battery life(>5 years)
• Sensor operating temperature: -40°C- +125°C/-40°F – +257°F
• Both visual and audible alarm even no Bluetooth connection to iPhone
• Automatically connect when the Bluetooth of paired iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad is on
• Long press the SET button or turn off
• Green LED flashes to indicate normal Bluetooth connectivity
• When the LED is red, indicating that the Bluetooth receiver battery voltage is low

Internal Sensor:
• Operating frequency: 433.92MHz ± 28KHz
• Operating voltage: 2.0~3.3V
• Operating current: ≤10mA
• Static current: ≤1uA
• Operating temperature: -40~+125°C
• Storage temperature: -40°C~+125°C
• Battery model: CR2050
• Battery lifespan: ≥5years
• Weight: 28 ± 0.5g

Bluetooth Receiver:
• Operating frequency: 433.92 MHz ±38 KHz
• Operating voltage: 4 ±0.5V
• Operating current: ≤30mA
• Static current: ≤10mA
• Operating temperature: -40°C – +85°C
• Charging voltage: 4.5V
• Charging type: Mobile phone charger,Car USB
• Bluetooth Receiver battery life: ≥60 days
• BLE 4.0

Adjustable central range for APP:
• Pressure: 1.0 – 7.0 bar/14.5 – 101PSI
• Temperature: -40 °C – +125°C

Default value:
• High pressure value: 3.0 bar/43PSI
• Low pressure value: 1.8 bar/28PSI
• High temperature value: +68°C/+154°F
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